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August 2003 - Welcome

We spent 16 nights in Algonquin Park in 2003.

We Set out from Canoe lake and went all the way north to Brent on Cedar lake where we had arranged to buy 6 loaves of bread. Our route took us through Macintosh, Big Trout, Lac La Muir, Hogan, Philip, Radiant, Cedar, Catfish, Burntroot, back to Big Trout, then down the Otter Slide and on to Burnt Island.

A good trip, but it rained about every second day, and tended to be overcast a lot. If it doesn't seem that way from the pictures, then I either took pictures mainly when it was nice, or I simply selected ones showing some of the better days.

Photo Index

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"Blueberry Island" "Blueberry Island" "Blueberry Island" "Downtown" Brent "Easy Chair"
"This Is What Killed Tom Thomson" ? 2003 Rental Rates 2004 Outfitting Rates 2004 Rental Rates
A Beautiful Day A Beautiful Day A Beautiful Scene A Calm & Peaceful Evening A Camp Site On Philip Lake
A Cottage On Radiant A Cottage Seen, But Easily Forgotten A Toad After Going Over Beaver Dam After Portage To Timberwolf
Algonquin Outfitters - Brent Algonquin Outfitters - Brent An Island On Catfish Lake An Old Beaver Dam An Old Beaver Lodge
An Old Beaver Lodge An Old Railway Bridge Another Happy Camper Another Moose Another Side
Another Water Fall - Lower Another Water Fall - Middle Another Water Fall - Top Anyone Want To Carry A Canoe 3½ Km Approaching A Beaver Dam
Approaching Another Water Fall Approaching The 2.3 "Killer" Bay On Catfish Taken From A Cliff Beautiful Beautiful Patterns In The Sky
Beautiful Patterns In The Sky Beaver Dam Beaver Dam On Way To Tom Thomson Lake Being "Attacked" By Ducks Bggar Lake
Bggar Lake Bggar Lake Bggar Lake Big Trout Big Trout
Big Trout Lake Blow Down Blue Heron Blue Heron Blue Heron Ahead
Brdge Under Old Railway Tracks Brent Brent Across Cedar Lake Bridge At Bottom Of Joe Lake Brownie Ready To Be Gobbled Down
Bunchberry Calm Next Day Camp Arowhon On Teepee Lake Camp Arowhon On Teepee Lake Camp Fire
Camp Fire Camp Ground Office Camp On Philip Camp Site Camp Site By The Dam
Camp Site On Big Trout Lake Camp Site On Burnt Root Lake Camp Site On Cauchon Lake Camp Site On Macintosh Camp Site On Misty
Camp Site On Radiant Lake Camp Site On Tom Thomson Camp Site Swimming Pool Camp Site With One Pack Hung Can You Spot The Tiny Mushrooms
Canoe Lake Canoe Loaded On Van Canoeing Along Catfish Lake Cauchon Lake
Cedar Lake Checking Out Shallow Rapids Chipmonk Cliff Face Close To The Portage
Clouds Moving In Coffee Cake Ready To Eat Colourful Sunset Cooking Pizza Supreme Cooking Powdered Scrambled Eggs
Cooling Off With A Real Apple Cottage At Top Of Canoe Lake David Enjoying The View David With His Crossbow Difficult Obstacle With Branches Under The Water
Dinner Of Rice, Beef & Peas Dishes Waiting To Be Washed Dishes Waiting To Be Washed Don't Let Go Downtown Brent
Drying Our Tent Ducks Ducks Ducks Resting Eager To Start
Eating Lunch At The End Of A Portage End of the First Portage To Joe Lake Evening Sky Fallen Tree Finished Pumping Water + Washing Dishes
First Moose Sighting First Moose Sighting Flowering Bush Forest Behind Macintosh Camp Site Fresh Beaver Dam
Fresh Water Clams - An Otter's Delight Frog Frog From Portage On Tom Thompson Fungi
Fungi Fungi Fungi Fungi Fungi
Fungi Fungi Getting Ready To Go Over A Beaver Dam Gibson Camp Site Complete With Picnic Table ! Gibson Lake
Heading Into A Storm On Cedar Heading Into Hogan Lake Heading To Catfish Lake Heading To Ink Lake From Macintosh Heading To Little Otter Slide
Heading to Our First Camp Site Indian Pipe Indian Pipe Flower Infant Beaver Dam Ingenuity At Work
Ink Lake Insects On Water Surface Iris versicolor Iris versicolor Iris versicolor
Iris versicolor Iris versicolor growing right in the water Isolation Of Living In Brent Jake At Algonquin Outfitters Brent Store Jake In The Brent Store
Lac La Muir Shoreline Lady Slipper Orchid Without Seed Pod Lake later That Day We Got Soaked In A Rain Storm Leaves Of ?
Leaving "The Killer" Leaving Camp Site Lily Pads Lily Pads Lone Tall Tree
Looking Down Longer Lake Looking Into The Clouds Looking North On Cedar Lake Looking Toward Camp Site On Misty Looking Toward Kiosh Camp Grounds
Looking Towards Portage Store Loons Loons Loons Lovely Water Fall
Lunch Finished; Ready To Set Out Macintosh Camp Site - Another Side Macintosh Camp Site - One Side Making Pizza Supreme Manitou Lake
Mist In the Lake Shadows Misty Lake Moose Moose Moose & Calf
Moose & Calf - closeup Moose Escaping Into Tall Grass Moose Print In The Sand More Happy Campers More Storm Clouds
More Than 14 Loons Travelling Together Mushroom Mushroom Mushroom Mushroom
Mushroom Mushroom Mushroom Mushroom Mushroom
Mushroom Mushroom Mushroom Mushroom - Side Mushroom - Side
Mushroom - Top Mushroom - Top Mushroom Fully Open Mushroom Opening Mushrooms
Mushrooms Mushroon New Outdoor Canoe Rental Area Next Day North End Of Manitou Lake
North Tea Lake North Tea Lake Nostalgia Inside The Brent Store Nostalgia Inside The Brent Store Nostalgia Inside The Brent Store
Nostalgia Inside The Brent Store Nostalgia Inside The Brent Store Nostalgia Inside The Brent Store Obstacle To Go Under Obstacles
Old Beaver Dam Destroyed By Heavy Spring Flow Old Wooden Bridge By Portage Old Wooden Dam Old Wooden Dam From Different Perspective On The
On Way To White Trout Lake One Happy Camper One Happy Camper One Side Of Big Trout Camp Site One Wave Of The Storm Passes And Another Approaches
Ospery Circling Overhead Other Returnees Unloading Otter Slide Lake Camp Site Otter Swimming Past Our Camp Site
Our Camp Site Our Tent Our Tent Outlet Of Falls On Cedar Paddling Down The Lake
Peaceful Catfish Lake Peanut Butter & Jam Pesto Pizza Petawawa Philip Lake
Philip Lake Shoreline Picturesque Picturesque Picturesque Picturesque Stream On Longer Lake
Pizza Anyone? Playing With Pine Cones Playing With Pine Needles, etc. Playing Yatzee Pop In Hand After Picking Up 6 Loaves Of Bread
Portage Dock Portage Finished; Ready To Go On Portage Store - Canoe Lake Portage Store Dock Portage Store Dock
Powdered Scrambled Eggs Preparing Dinner Purchases Quiet Time Quiet Time On Cedar
Radiant Lake Rapids To Portage Around Reaching A Small Lake Reading & Tending Desert Ready For A New Adventure
Ready To Go Ready To Go Ready To Head Out The Next Day Ready To Leave Ready To Leave
Red Squirrel Remains Of A Cottage Remains Of A Wooden Dam River River To Macintosh
River Travel Toward Philip Lake Rock Tripe Rocks To Portage Around Rosebary Camp Site - One Side Rosebary Camp Site - The Other Side
Rosebary Lake Rough Water Sail Boat Ahead On Teepee Lake Sea Gull Sea Gulls
Set To Head Out Setting Up The Tent Site On Cedar Small Water Fall Something Special About A Camp Fire
Spare Time Sparkling Lac La Muir Spectacular Steady As She Goes Sunset
Sunset Sunset Sunset Sunset Sunset
Sunset Sunset Sunset Sunset - Centre Sunset - Left
Sunset - Right Sunset On Gibson Lake Swimming Swimming Swinging Around To Pick Up The Boys
That Evening The Boys The Boys The Boys Ready For A Final Portage The Dam
The Next Morning The Other Damp Gear Drying The Rapids The Water Was Deeper Than Expected The Whole Picture
The Wooden Dam From Below This Is The Life Through An Old Wooden Dam Tim River Tired After 2.3 KM Portage -- ("1½ Carries")
Tom Thomson Burger Top Of The Water Fall Tourists Trains Used To Run Along Here Trees Trying To Grow On Rock Hill
Trillium undulatum Very Unusual Deer Sighting View From "Blueberry Island" View From Burnt Island Lake Camp Site View To Left
View To The East View To The West Waiting Waiting For Dad to Finish Taking Pictures Waiting To Leave
Walking A Rapids Walking The Rapids Water Fall Water Fall Water Lily
Water Lily Water Lily Waterfall On The Petawawa River We're Almost Back What We Portaged Around
What We Portaged Around What We Portaged Around Where We Are Headed Where We Came From Where We're Headed
Wooden Train Bridge Working Together On Breakfast Yellow Birch Yet Another Beaver Dam Yours Truly
Yours Truly Yours Truly

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